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Wirelss Earphone The Difference In Sound Quality Is Not Very Convenient
Sep 13, 2017

The wireless headset is the middle line by the radio wave instead, is from the computer's audio outlet connected to the transmitter, and then by the transmitter through the airwaves to the receiving end of the headset, the receiving end is equivalent to a radio. There are three types of wireless headphones known. One for Bluetooth headphones, two for infrared headphones, three for 2.4G. Wireless headset and wired headset compared to the quality of the difference is not very convenient wireless.

Wireless headphones and wired headphones compared to the quality of the difference is not small, wireless is more convenient, mainly the middle line is replaced by radio waves, wireless headphones are divided into three parts: the first part is the sound source, the second part is the receiver, the third part is the headset part, This part of the function is mainly used to transfer the cell phone or receiver signal to the sound and then to the human ear.

Functional features

1, wireless transmission, wireless monitoring, wireless voice chat and other functions;

2, with a professional learning program, can learn a variety of home appliances remote control (TV, VCR, DVB, DVD, etc.) function, can also be used as digital STB remote control. 2. Eben TV6 can be wireless to listen to the whole channel TV audio, computer, game consoles, VCD, DVD, audio, MP3, MP4, CD and other electrical appliances with output. 3. The use of wireless headphones, in the case of TV mute, free to enjoy the wonderful program. 4. With the transmitter in the elderly, infants, patients and other people in need of care, the use of receivers can hear the voice of caregivers, easy and easy to care. 5. The use of original import launch tube and core technology, high sensitivity anti-interference, signal super strong, effective range (less than) 30 meters, can be received by the wall.

Wireless headphones and wired headphones, in addition to the way the sound source is different, the other is different: The wireless headset requires battery power to work properly, which is due to the unique nature of the decoder work inside the wireless headset. Choosing a wireless headset must accept the fact that it needs recharging and maintenance. Like most battery-powered headphones, wireless headsets are typically made up of lithium-ion batteries ' wireless headsets and dry-battery wireless headsets.