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Wirelss Earphone Its Scope Of Application And The Use Of Convenience Is Not Wired Headset Can Be Compared
Nov 02, 2017

Intuitive feel that the headset may be the most extensive range of digital products. From MP3 to ipad, from the computer to the phone, are inseparable from the headset with. Because more often as an attachment in the public use, so the headset is often overlooked by everyone.

Relative to the wired headset, the biggest feature of the wireless headset is "wireless", through the wireless carrier mode and the source connected to the use of more convenient, users do not have to stick to the shackles of wire, in a certain range of free activities; Some wireless headphones also built a microphone, even when doing housework can also be voice chat, its scope and the use of convenience is not wired headset can be compared.

However, many of my friends on the wireless headset discouraged, the wireless headset sound skeptical, this fear is not unreasonable, but it is not necessary, and now the technology is mature, has been able to fully guarantee the wireless headset audio quality. The first person to eat crabs have proved the delicious crabs ... ... Next, the author sorted out some of the relevant knowledge of wireless headphones, it is worth understanding.

In fact, the wireless headset is not what new things, Sennheiser and AKG and other international manufacturers have also launched in the early wireless headset products, then the wireless carrier technology is not mature, wireless headset is difficult to use, and expensive The

Some early use of wireless headphones friends still in the shadow, so the wireless headset is in conflict with the inevitable. However, the physical development is always, the current wireless headset has been quite mature, and spend 100 yuan or so you can buy a 2.4G technology using wireless headset products, whether it is wearing comfort, sound quality performance, or the overall work , Have been with the same price segment of the wired headset difference is very small, no matter what, we seem to have no reason to refuse the wireless headset.

At present, the mainstream wireless headset product prices are 100 yuan to 500 yuan price hovering, but there are some thousand dollars above the product. To the thousand dollar level above the product, most wireless headset has a wireless call function, brand and product are not too many shortcomings can point out that with this type of wireless headset is a very enjoyable thing. However, the hundred yuan-level wireless headset has been able to meet the needs of 80% of users, if not necessary, no need to consider too high-end wireless headset.

Wireless headset special features

Channel adjustable

We mentioned earlier, the use of wireless headphones is to improve the quality of life role, which is due to the advanced nature of the wireless headset decision. From the current mainstream wireless headset product type, are a certain special function. For example, the left and right channel balance is adjustable, this feature will appear in the Sennheiser RS180, RS220 and other high-end wireless headset: If you encounter the source, the sound source channel imbalance, you can individually adjust each sound The size of the volume of the track, so as to achieve a satisfactory appreciation effect.

voice chat

In addition, some hundred dollars wireless headset with a PC computer, using 2.4G as a wireless carrier wireless headset, the vast majority of integrated wireless microphone function, the user can easily open the wireless microphone for voice chat, this user experience far Better than ordinary wired headphones. However, it should be noted that, after the start of the wireless microphone, will take up the entire 2.4G wireless carrier transmission bandwidth, the final effect is the impact of sound quality performance, and this effect is obvious to hear. But I think, for voice chat, this effect does not seem to explain what.

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