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What Kind Of Headset Speaker Would Be Better?
Oct 14, 2016

Real life more and more people use headphones speakers listen to music, since it is listening to the music, it would have to find a good headset speaker only slightly! What kind of headset speaker would be better? Here I give an analysis, if it is not good enough, please advice!

What kind of headset speakers are considered good headphones speakers? in fact, for this question, many people know one or two! Good speakers, no doubt is whether it sounds sound comfortable! Its sound quality include a sound resolution, rich in detail, the layering of sound. Meanwhile, we are more important to pay attention to distinguish speakers of all frequency bands, high frequency is clear, if full, bass is strong as well as the high and low frequency extension and dive, acoustic positioning. For example, high-end headphones speakers, details of the sound may be rich, tri-band natural transition and extended high frequency, and low frequency depth of resilient, clear sound localization, and the lower end of the headset speaker sound details may rarely, its voice may also be nebulous, paste into a position is not clear.

What kind of headset speakers are considered good speakers do? We do not have an exact standard, due to the identification of good headphones speakers, the most fundamental experienced, listen more, think more contrast. After all, everyone's musical style and musical tastes are different, each headset speakers are good at music style and type is different, and each person's voice is different, some people like more than low frequency sounds shocking, and some people don't like it, but think that sounds troubling. Having said that, everyone should know what kind of headset speaker is a good speaker, right? That's what they think sound good, it makes you sound comfortable kind of speaker is a good speaker!