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VS In-ear Headphones Earbuds
Oct 14, 2016

I believe many friends or confusing in-ear headphones and earbuds? To distinguish simple from the outside, is relatively small in-ear headphones, and headphones with a rubber sleeve, listening to music when headphones directly into the ear.
What is good in-ear headphones, earbuds is better is it? Two, everyone's requirements are different for headphones, mainly depends on personal preference. Some people find ear type ears a chance to damage their ears listening, what styles of headphones may damage hearing, depending on when you are using headphones with the volume, and length of a headset. Assuming, of course,, materials and workmanship the headset itself is no problem.
In-ear headphones
1. pronunciation may be different
In-ear headset includes a dynamic, moving iron and piezo-type structure, rather than the in-ear headphones are typically moving coil structure.
2. sound insulation
In-ear headphones fit the ear canal, so better sound effects, voice and delicate. Under normal circumstances contact the volume is generally about 40-60 DB, so headphones try to control in this context. In-ear ear canal, close to the ear canal, isolated from the noise effect is good, in a noisy environment can use the smaller volume, so hearing protection is quite good. Similarly, now looking down more and more, there are a lot of people are oblivious and just immerse yourself in the world, leading to security incidents on the Internet really is not uncommon. I hope you enjoy the convenience of headphones at the same time, pay attention to their own safety.
3. appearance
First talked about, in-ear headphones are typically smaller than earplugs. And to be able to plug into the ear canal headphone part will have a small ear.