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VR Box Through The Technical Means To Create A Realistic Virtual Three-dimensional Environment
Sep 29, 2017

Virtual reality, as the name suggests, is to create a realistic virtual three-dimensional environment by means of technology, and then let you "feel" in this environment, as if in the real world. VR this year, and there are reports about it, but said half a day VR, then what is it in the end? The so-called VR, in fact, Virtual Reality abbreviation, translated into Chinese is the meaning of virtual reality.

At present, this virtual environment is mainly generated by the computer graphics technology visual perception, later with the development of technology, there will be hearing, touch, power, movement and other perception, and even including the sense of smell and taste, also known as More aware.

That is, when you turn the head, eyes, hands or other actions in the real world, you will make the same action in the virtual environment, in order to achieve the perfect three-dimensional interaction, so the most important criterion for evaluating VR is how to immerse

What is the use of VR? One said VR can do, a lot of understanding of the little partner first thought is to see a small movie and play 3D games. Yes, for the general consumer class VR glasses, really capable of these things, but not only capable, but also provide unprecedented super cool experience.

In the field of games, 3D visual effects no matter how good, but also to play in the third perspective But the application of VR is not the same, such as racing games, with VR glasses, you can the first perspective (like really in control of the car) experience.

In fact, basic necessities can be used to get VR, such as clothing, wear VR glasses, direct virtual test dress, so that is not afraid of big or small color does not meet the temperament and so on. Another example of living, in the VR glasses with the help of the "field" inspection, from the showings, decoration and so on preview again, find the best program.

Everyone can share and experience realistic virtual reality, as if you had been there, witnessed the sight of that.

Imagine, you can always sit in front of a pile of bonfire, with a few friends happy to play; you can always invite three friends sitting in a private theater to watch the movie; you can even in the world you want any Place a collective meeting or event.

In addition, it is important that in the field of expertise, the role of VR will also play a greater role, such as medicine, military aerospace, real estate development, industrial simulation, emergency deduction, cultural relics, road and bridge, education, car simulation, rail transit, Energy field, biomechanics, rehabilitation training, digital earth and so on.

So it's called the next platform after the computer, smartphone, and will play a role in all aspects of our lives.