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VR Box Is The Current Experience Of Virtual Reality The Most Cost-effective Choice
Oct 20, 2017

Mobile phone box-type VR glasses simple structure, the price is relatively connected to the PC head is also much lower, is the current experience of virtual reality the most cost-effective choice for everyone to introduce the use of VR glasses.

What needs to be prepared

1. A smart phone, Andrews or Apple can, the proposed screen size of 4.7 inches or more.

2.VR glasses and Bluetooth handle, Bluetooth handle only supports Andrews system, no handle can also be used normally.

3. installed on the phone Storm magic app app or other VR class APP The first time before the use of mobile phones placed horizontally, will prompt the gyroscope correction.

Installation process

1. To ios version, for example, first start the magic mirror app and then put the phone into the front of the cabin expansion box, and then fixed.

2. Wear Storm Mirror, adjust the elasticity through the rear knob, and then use the top knob to adjust the interpupillary distance, until you can clearly distinguish the screen content, to achieve a comfortable wearing state.

3. At this time into the magic mirror APP effect, you can see there are 3D movies, movies, TV series, animation and other categories, in addition to a wide range of panoramic video and photos and other content, the use of the method is also very simple, Want to select the target to be selected.

to sum up

VR glasses products generally use the same way, the need for mobile phones and VR glasses with the role of the Bluetooth handle is to use the joystick movement and trigger keys to select the operation. Travel space, panoramic travel, 3D movie viewing has never been so simple, fast experience it.