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VR Box How To Buy A Suitable For Their Own
Nov 02, 2017

When the VR hit China's special national conditions, inevitably there have been a large number of cottage products, especially Oculus's open source behavior, so that China a lot of VR manufacturers concentrated outbreak. The market is full of a large number of various price VR display device, then in the end what kind of equipment for you? Look at this maybe you'll be there.

1. Determine your own expected price of your own budget.

2. Find out what your needs are. Is a simple experience about VR or use this depth of the demand. Are you playing games or watching movies or doing research and development?

3. Understand the product category.

VR display equipment is now divided into three categories, one is suitable for the host or pc class, these heads need to connect to the computer or game console to use, these head is suitable for playing large VR games, display delicate, support More types of games, game interactive strong. Such products on the market are HTC VIVE, OCULUS, PSVR, domestic Dapeng and so on.

The second category, adapted to the phone, this type of technology is more simple than the previous one, and even Google and domestic Storm Mirror has a ternary carton version of the display. These monitors need to use the phone's screen and processor graphics display content, generally suitable for viewing video appreciation.

The third category is the headset machine. This kind of product and the second is similar, that is, in the glasses box integrated display and image processing unit and battery, do not need to use the phone screen. But there are shortcomings or content on the short board is more obvious, as well as battery life restrictions.

4. Combine your needs and price, compare the third to believe that you can have a conclusion. Now the first VR head price is higher, the most expensive HTC vive price between six thousand to eight thousand, cheap domestic host host is also more than a thousand or more.

The second addition to the Samsung geer vr, the price difference is very large, expensive five or six hundred, cheap ten dollars. Of course, there are differences in experience, but the change is not their case, the main technical program from Oculus open source project, so you spend three or four hundred to buy a box to weigh the medication.

The third kind of equipment benevolent see benevolent wise see wisdom. You look like yourself.