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The Benefits Of Wearing A Wireless Earphone
Jul 24, 2017

  The benefits of wearing a wireless Earphone

  Forced by the busy work with increasing pressure, we have evolved from the music in the static environment to the habit of using the portable player to bring music around. Earphone Portable is the general advantage of headphones, however, relative to the traditional speakers, the headphones brought about by the hearing damage is inevitable.

  In general, the loudness of the sound beyond the hearing limit of the human ear can cause hearing damage. To "decibel" to identify, simply said that the sound is too large is not good. For example, we open 60% of the volume on the bus to listen to music and bedtime lying in bed to listen to 60% of the volume of music, feeling the size of the sound is very different. Why is it because the ambient noise makes our ears feel 60% of the volume of the grid "very small", but the music itself is not because you think the small is really small, it is objective or 60% of the sound loudness, then if we The volume to 50% or even 60%, although the feeling is as clear as usual, but our tympanic membrane to be much stimulation?

  we know. Headphones are usually divided into wearing, ear hanging and ear type of three types, of which the ear damage is the smallest head and ear type two. The benefits of in-ear Earphone are close to the ear canal, which can be as much as possible to isolate the external noise, making the environment noise as much as possible to reduce, but in terms of sound in general earphones can not improve, and really can restore the real sound of in-ear headphones The price is expensive outrageous. Earphone Although there is no small portable advantage, but in the price and sound beyond the ear headphones.

  For example, in the sound field, the effect of the ear-style head is very obvious, it is impossible to construct a complete sound field, ear the best sound field, but also more than a thousand dollars or so Earphone. For the low frequency is the same, heard a good speaker people know that a considerable part of the low frequency is the body's feelings, rather than the ears, so this head can not do the most realistic, ear is more do not To. Therefore, in full consideration of health, price and sound effects of many factors, I think it is better to wear a Earphone.