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Speakers Also Known As Horn
Oct 14, 2016

Speakers also known as speaker, it is a device of signal currents into sound. People speaking voice and the band's sound through microphone into electrical energy, and the amplifier, what we got was a magnified power, but not the sound must be electrical energy into sound energy, and electrical energy into sound energy is the speaker. Speakers, and is the largest permanent magnet-powered loudspeaker, its structure similar to the structure of moving-coil microphones. Permanent magnet ring slot, place a circle, called a voice coil. Voice coil connected to a paper Cone and equipped with cloth or paper centering piece, centering on tablets fixed on the frame, around the edge of the paper is fixed on the frame, which is the voice coil in the magnetic gap in order to be able to keep the exact location. Voice coil and cone along the axis vibration, vibration sounds inside and outside the ring and the aperture cannot touch.

When the signal when current flows through the voice coil, according to the principles of motors, the signal currents generate magnetic flux interacts with the permanent magnet's flux, makes voice coil-driven cone paper vibration and sound.

PM electric type speakers and can is divided into two species: a for direct type, and said paper basin speakers, it is put voice directly radiation out; another a for indirect radiation type, and title tube speakers (loudspeakers),, tube speakers of pronunciation head (and said treble head) vibration film vibration Hou, voice after, tube, then again gradually diffusion out, so it is indirect radiation speakers. Horn loudspeakers or loudspeakers, it is made up of a pronounced head and Horn, advantages of high efficiency, the disadvantage is not only a narrow frequency range, but also point to narrow.

Speaker voice coil is wound around a circular paper tubes, round-wire as to domestic production of most of the speakers voice coil wire, and advanced speakers use a special square section aluminium alloy conductor. These wires together with specially formulated insulation coat of paint, make voice coil light and dense, increase power capacity, increase the sensitivity of the sound.