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Selfie Sticks Is Very Convenient
Aug 07, 2017

  Selfie Sticks is very convenient

  Many of the meaning of digital accessories are to make use more convenient, but sometimes it will inevitably produce a huge controversy, such as Selfie Sticks. This device is usually used for a scalable rod-shaped body, the top can be fixed mobile phone or digital camera, through Bluetooth or WIFI connected camera equipment, to achieve a better Selfie Sticks distance, the effect is naturally better.

  However, the popularity of the self-kicking also attracted a lot of controversy, even in some countries were banned. So, Selfie Sticks bar in the end is great or terrible invention?

  The biggest advantage of the Selfie Sticks is to increase the Selfie Sticks distance, will not let the self-portrait is just a huge face. In addition, if a few friends with the Selfie Sticks, Selfie Sticks rods can play a role. Even shooting scenery photos, to achieve flexibility, Selfie Stickss, but also than the use of mobile phone volume keys more stable.

  Although it can not be denied that the Selfie Sticks sometimes be around the eyes of people, but when you shoot beautiful photos uploaded to the social network, access to countless "praise" and praise time, or a very sense of accomplishment.