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Please Let Your Ears A Break
Oct 14, 2016

Now, with the popularization of electronic products, followed by various health problems began to show. According to the Shanghai morning post reported, issued by the Shanghai Health Department data show that in deaf patients, 20% was young to calls or listen to music with headphones for long.

Tests showed that the noise from subway trains by up to 100 decibels, so when someone comes in with a headset call, hears voices will reach 120 decibels or more. Stop talking for a moment often does not feel that the surrounding sound.

To avoid hearing damage, experts suggest people per hour of wearing headphones were taken down and rest at least 10 minutes, let their ears slowly, they also get tired. Try to choose a good pair of headphones on their ears hurt a bit. For the health of themselves and their families, let more people know about it.