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Listening To Earphone Audio And FM Difference
Jul 24, 2017

  Listening to Earphone audio and FM difference

  First, the principle of the different.

  The frequency of audio that can be perceived by the human body is defined as 20-20000 Hz. The sound is the sound waves produced by the vibration of the object. Is a phenomenon that is propagated by a medium (air or solid, liquid) and perceived by a human or animal auditory organ. The contents of the magnetic recording of the tape are converted into a weak audio signal by the playback of the magnetic head, amplified by a certain amplitude, output from the deck to the power transmitter, and then after the power is sufficiently amplified, the magnetic field is generated in the space by the load coil, Classrooms have this kind of magnetic field, the transmitter is equipped with signal input and output, power switch, microphone group, volume potentiometer, frequency response range and ringing system, operation and simple and flexible. Students wear headphones, the internal receiver coil into the air after the electromagnetic field, the formation of a weak audio signal, the appropriate amplification, and then converted into sound energy by the speaker, and make a sound.

  FM radio is carried out in FM way for audio signal transmission. The carrier wave of the FM wave changes on both sides of the carrier center frequency (the center frequency before the modulation) as the audio modulation signal changes. FM radio is a high frequency oscillation frequency with the audio signal amplitude changes in the broadcast technology. Anti-interference strong, small distortion, equipment utilization is high, but the occupied bandwidth, so often work in the high frequency band. China's frequency modulation frequency range of 87--108MHZ. The school generally stipulates between 58 and 108 MHz.

  Second, the use of different methods

  Audio Earphone: transferred to the audio file, the direct receive hearing, no FM point.

  FM Earphone: transferred to the FM file, you need to transfer to the school used by the broadcast frequency, can receive hearing.