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Listen To Music With Headphones Don't Exceed 1 Hour
Oct 14, 2016

Organs of hearing and in four parts from the table, only the smooth flow of all four parts, we can have a healthy hearing.
Can we see is the outer ear, what we call ears, eyes and ears of the external auditory canal, it is more effective to our face value, along with sound and the positioning function. Ear canal which is our "ear wax" (or "Earwax") settled in.
If doctors used ear microscopy can be seen on tympanic membrane at the end of the ear canal, then to the structure will not be straightforward. Some of the organizations was complex and the deep surface of the tympanic membrane ear. Middle ear is like a cube box, which contains the body of the smallest and most compact three auditory ossicles.
Continue to part of the inner ear, including the auditory and vestibular parts (responsible for the balance). Audio part is also called "get lost", meaning "maze-like pathway". Within the labyrinth of auditory cells, hair cells (top of Cilia is named). Hair cells are very tender and precious, everyday examples of auditory killer is targeted to it; although the number of hair cells look very much, about 15,000, but it is a small one, there is no substitute, especially need to be protected, otherwise, 40, who may have had 70 personnel and some hair cells.
Then inside is the auditory nerve, auditory, which many of the lesions, beyond the ear, nose and throat doctor.