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How To Choose The Most Selfie Sticks?
Aug 07, 2017

  How to choose the most Selfie Sticks?

  Perhaps the Selfie Sticks sounds ridiculous, some countries and regions have also banned the use of it in public places, but can not deny that it is very convenient at some point. In the popular smartphone today, not everyone will carry a digital camera and tripod, such as we want to shoot a photo at the party, the phone on the self-timer bar, you can use the front camera easy to complete.

  Of course, not all self-tapping sticks have a good experience. Their price is basically from 30 yuan to 200 yuan range, the function is not the same, Selfie Sticks some models provide a Bluetooth connection, so you can use the self-timer on the shutter to achieve shooting. There are also models that provide a mirror, meaning that users use the better post-shot shot. So what do you need to pay attention to when buying a Selfie Sticks?

  First, the Bluetooth version can be considered, but at the same time need to weigh the phone's battery life.

  In addition, there are some optional tips can refer to:

  · Try to choose a solid work style, at the same time pay attention to their weight, Selfie Sticks not too light nor too heavy to be able to ensure the stability of the phone is better

  Make sure that the self-tapping stick has a wider range of compatibility, so you do not have to change your phone to use it.

  Finally, there are some more alternative styles can refer to, such as this convertible angle of the self-timer, Selfie Sticks can make you self-timer. Of course, self-timer though innocent, but still do not let people feel good.