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How To Choose A Suitable Bluetooth Earphone!
Oct 24, 2017

Faced with a large number of Bluetooth headphones on the market, many people in the purchase of trouble, do not know how to pick, although the Bluetooth Earphone is not a big item, but not suitable to buy both cost money also affect the mood, then, how Choose a suitable Bluetooth Earphone? Let's start with the Bluetooth Earphone type.

First, the Bluetooth Earphone modeling classification

From the shape to sub-hanging ear, bone conduction, wearing, style, real type, and each have their own characteristics:

Hanging ear style

Sports headphones use this style, you can hang on the back of the ear, or insert the ear canal. When buying, pay attention to wear the firmness, comfort and waterproof sweat level. If you want to use when swimming, to achieve IPX8 level waterproofing standards.

Wearing style

And the traditional Earphone is not much difference, but removed the ear line, the disadvantage is relatively bulky, wearing a long time there will be oppression of the ears, it is difficult to do waterproof and sweat, the advantage is suitable for winter when the ear protection device.

Collar style

Unique appearance, you can both accessories, the disadvantage is not suitable for sports.

Bone conduction Bluetooth Earphone

Close to the cheek behind the bones of the sound unit, through the vibration, the sound spread to the auditory nerve.

The real wireless Earphone, wearing a lighter, the use of very innovative, can be used by one person, but also the two share, you can also use the two pairs of mobile phones.

Second, according to the needs of the appropriate selection of Bluetooth Earphone

First explain the classification of the Earphone, then the next according to their own needs to pick a suitable Bluetooth Earphone should be very simple and clear:

Call: this is the business office, safe driving the most important use, and generally only need to pay attention to the Bluetooth Earphone wear and appearance, but if the phone more business people, it is best to choose some lightweight, high-definition call, transmission stability and with seconds Even the function of a single ear Bluetooth Earphone.

Songs: for music enthusiasts, the best choice for Bluetooth dual headphones, because the general Bluetooth single Earphone is not stereo sound. In the purchase of the best attention to whether there is Apt-X logo, there is a sign that support lossless audio technology. In addition, if there is a long habit of listening to music, it is best to pay attention to the life of the next Earphone.

Sports: sports songs are also the main purpose of Bluetooth Earphone, generally need to choose lightweight, wearing a solid Bluetooth Earphone, ear ears can be, the other is whether it has a waterproof anti-sweat function.

Play the game to watch movies: play games or chase drama, wearing a type is a very good choice, because the head of the noise on the outside world shielding effect, the sound field is strong, easier to make people feel immersive, Experience is better.