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How Healthy And Safe To Use Earphone
Jul 11, 2017

  How healthy and safe to use Earphone

  For the headset will damage the hearing of this problem, there have been a lot of friends for a long time debate, but for now, it seems that there is not a very clear answer to explain whether it really has damage to hearing, after all, we are still not around Such a case. From the positive convenience, this is better. Earphone But unfortunately, there are doctors confirmed that the headset is really damaging hearing.

  Headset use safety issues can not be ignored

  Remember that in 2009, we had an exclusive interview with Prof. Tongren Hospital, who had confirmed our problem. The headset is sure of the damage to the hearing, and is permanently irreversible damage. Earphone In other words, once the headset damage hearing, it is difficult to recover.

  But why do not we have a headset? Professor talked about two points, only to meet these two points when the headset will cause damage to the hearing. One is a long time, the second is a large volume, only in a long time, large volume of music to listen to the case, will cause damage to the ears of hearing.

  To sum up, we have to avoid hearing damage is very simple. One is not too long to listen to music, and secondly is not a large volume. Some young users in order to pursue a sense of excitement, Earphone specifically the volume of the headset transferred to a great, not knowing that the damage to the ear is very large. We do not recommend adopting this approach for a quick time.