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Headphone Wire Options
Oct 14, 2016

In modern society, with the popularity of smart phones, headsets and almost everyone has one. Listen to music, watch movies, talk on the phone without its shadow. Traveling, waiting for the bus, sleep ... Are fond of wearing headphones, headphone frequency really is too high. About headphone replacement rate also accelerated, headphones are entering rapid easy items, consumables. Headphone market record sales in recent years. Headphone cable is an important component of headphones, is also very fragile parts. Small series to introduce cables now knowledge.
Headphone cable shape
1. round wire, this wire is the most common type of person, I believe most people use round. This process is relatively simple and low production costs.
2. the "noodles" and "wire. The emergence of this wire, used to see a circular feeling people's eyes light up of the cables. Looks quite a character, and not only that, this flat cord is not so easy to tie. A typical product is a monster headphones.
3. triangle headphone wire. This believe that many of my friends have seen it, well, the headphones wire looks very strong feeling. Unknown Jue Li, must be able to attract people's eyeballs. Tie-proof headphone manufacturers did experiment, is a circular line of headphones, noodle-shaped line of headphones, headphone line in a triangle, namely rub together, then expand results. Anti-knotted effect best result is a triangle, noodles, and the worst round. But small series also saw the video, experimental staff treats each headphone is a little different (kneading time, rubbing angle), cannot fully explain the situation. But a lot of people buy is the personality and unique. Use the representative is the Bell Tower of the headphone wire headset.
4. braided cables. This twisted winding method. More representative is Weston UM1 earphones.
5. some creative styling of the headphone cable. Zipper earphones laces headphones. Zipper earphones, knot is basically impossible. Color can be very rich, very beautiful, there are also luminous.
Styling is basically this. Headphone wire inside the material, usually copper, copper content, the higher the better. But the words, let alone the rest of us, professional people who may not be able to distinguish. After all is wrapped in PVC, TPU, TPE materials. This requires honesty that we had chosen a good brand.
Skill, winter, try to choose a soft cord, hard in the summer. Headset cord to avoid pulling, so as not to damage the wires inside. Better to have a dedicated storage store the headphones in the box. Headphones should not be winding "fish bone", the fish bones are too small, so small wound in terms of headphones bad very quickly, it is easy to know that metal fatigue.