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Frequently Asked Questions On Ear Headphones
Oct 14, 2016

In-ear headphones need to "burn"? In General, moving iron headphones "pot" after the Ascension is unlikely. Some dynamic headphones over a period of time to burn on the opportunities in the musical performance has improved, if you would like more information please search on Baidu.
In-ear headphone recommendations: If you want to burn your in-ear headphones, two days (about 50 hours) with a normal volume music for most in-ear headphones is enough--this is personal experience of the author for a variety of in-ear headphones. In-ear headphones do you need a headphone amp? Some ear headphones need a headphone amp can play a bright spot, some low sensitivity of the in-ear headphones, such as ETYMOTIC ER4S, usually need a headphone amp to its full strength.
However, most in-ear headphones on the market that does not require any amp you can reach its full potential, even if sometimes the sound quality of the amp will make them a little bit of minor improvements.
Know whether an in-ear headphones need to ear the most simple method is to read the instructions. The general principle is that impedance 50 ohm sensitivity higher than 98 DB requires absolutely no amp in-ear headphones. Stethoscope effect for in-ear and bone conduction headphones new users, two issues are most criticized: "stethoscope effect" (also called "cable noise") and "bone conduction". Stethoscope effect refers to the in-ear headphone users who by wire transfer to a headphone noise can be heard (caused by the friction wire clothes or other things). "
"Bone conduction" refers to the sound transmitted from inside the body by the user to user's ear canal which allows the user to hear the noise (caused by behavior such as eating, walking). Both of these phenomena are all side effects of ear canal is closed, which closed this noise is quieter listening environment is strengthened.