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Five Reasons To Buy A Bluetooth Earphone
Oct 24, 2017

Bluetooth Earphone technology matures, mainly in the music, call, sports and other in-depth development of the design, application is more extensive, has been more and more in the work life, of course, it is because the Bluetooth Earphone does give us convenience, We work and live a better experience, valuable products will get everyone's pro-Lai.

Here to see what reason to make wireless Bluetooth more and more fire:

1. the liberation of hands, more convenient

A clerk for a day when the average length of 2 hours or more, holding a cell phone for a long time do not say, sometimes the call should also find some things, the call quality will cause no small impact. And with Bluetooth Earphone, these problems have been resolved, greatly improve the quality of work calls do not say that the main revolutionary capital of a lot of good physical condition.

We will ask for a long time to wear ear will not pain? Now for a long time to develop, R & D staff early design of the ear the most comfortable structure, coupled with soft silicone material, people wear a long time without pain, do not worry about this problem.

2. call more secure

Flow of people, more traffic on the road to call, if the hands also mention something, is not very safe? Driving a call to a car accident is not a lot? 2014 new traffic law on the proposed driving directly connected to the phone deduction 2 points, which is to remind the driver of the main safety, reduce the accident rate. The introduction of wireless Bluetooth Earphone, the liberation of his hands, coupled with wireless constraints, people activities or operations more confident, reducing the instability of the accident, which is the most important.

3. Best companion for exercise

Now more and more sports step software, QQ sports, peace gold housekeeper and so on have introduced sports steps, sports standards or red envelopes to receive or have a more return on investment, etc., which also led to the strengthening of fitness awareness , The movement of people also increased by more than 100 points.

4. Reduce missed calls

There is a friend, at home when the phone everywhere, in the housework, on the toilet, chat with his family, cooking, the regular will have missed calls; work resolutely, because the ladies have a lot of clothes without pockets, often leave the seat Of the words, missed the phone that is bound to add certainty, the work of the phone more than she thought of the Bluetooth Earphone, anytime, anywhere call no longer wrong, with her words: "pro no longer worry I do not answer the phone The ".

5. More high-end fashion, low radiation

Holding a big screen phone to pick up the phone, tired, for the pursuit of fashion people, hanging a Bluetooth Earphone call is not more relaxed, more fashionable, more free, more enjoyment. For the radiation is not the main selling point, because the phone itself is small radiation, with a Bluetooth Earphone, just let the phone away from the head, replaced by radiation much lower than the Bluetooth Earphone phone only. Especially in the summer, holding a hot phone call or comfortable with the same temperature, call more smart Bluetooth Earphone is good? This advantage may be more able to impress you.