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EarphoneWhat Factors Cause Different Headphones To Sound Different
Aug 24, 2017

Often hear the word headset tuning. Good headphones and poor headphones sound difference is very large, then what factors lead to different headphones sound different? Where is the design space for the headset tuner? Since the influencing factors so much, but also how to achieve mass production?

Headphones and mobile computers, it is a pure analog device, which also involves the electromagnetic, acoustic and materials content, so not only the hardware will be able to do a good job, and then the sound is a nearly completely subjective concept, Such as the same like Faye Wong's voice, you think Faye Wong and I like the feeling is likely to be completely two kinds of feeling, coupled with the level of hearing differences in each person, and even around the ear and ear diameter of the different, will let the listener Feel the same effect.

Now that tuning, the so-called tuning for the manufacturers in terms of the headset by changing the various materials and cavity structure to produce the desired sound, which is the first to do the hardware indicators to achieve a certain level, Impedance, distortion, sensitivity have the corresponding requirements, these hardware parameters can provide the basis of the sound characteristics, but also only the basis of the foundation to play a good voice can be called to see the tuning of the experience and understanding of the sound The.

Such as the headphones of the cavity, the general dynamic headphones cavity first need to provide a diaphragm to the front and back pressure of the internal environment so that the diaphragm vibration can restore the fastest speed in situ to avoid distortion, but the actual situation is not ideal , For different frequency of vibration, the rear stomata can not produce a good balance in all the frequency of good air pressure effect, so the need for different types of ventilation division of the stomatal have a unique rational judgment, for each headset preferences, set compensation Sexual cavity structure, try to highlight the advantages of headphone unit itself, weaken, make up for defects and so on. These are designed from the headset to consider the problem, but a principle is very good design of the headset is still not good, post-manufacturing is the next one of the severe test, the impact of headphone sound is very much, Headphones with a film even with a skilled worker in the sunny assembly and assembly in the rain after the sound will have a noticeable difference, so for all manufacturers, the real high-quality models is almost no line of mass production, But the need for special experience in the constant temperature and humidity of the working environment through the experience to control the influencing factors, like a lot of friends to see, some circles of the famous European "big factory" to now just like Family workshop-style production patterns, yield and yield are surprisingly low. Some people may think that this pursuit is empty, but behind the real driving force or the human ear, like the human eye, the human eye resolution is much higher than the camera cmos resolution category, the ear is the same reason , But individual differences make most people aware or no sense to distinguish the sound details of good or bad.

But this is only in the sound quality, aside from the sound quality, design materials and other factors will not affect the sound quality will affect the user's mood, just like beats, his sound quality is never the focus, but he gave The user has provided the value beyond the rationality, which is not in the scope of our discussion but can reflect a lot of interesting questions.