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Earphone Use Frequency Is Very High
Oct 20, 2017

The frequency of the use of headphones should be considered a high, but choose a good headset is really good for their own ~ Why? So you used a good headset you know, and feel really different. The The So how to choose? Today recommend a kind of article for your reference!

1, frequency response

This parameter is one of the very important indicators to evaluate the quality of headphones. This parameter is not specific to have a range of numbers, but to see the overall corresponding, such as the whole sound of the headphones sounds good sense of balance, the sound is never bright or too dark, high school low frequency energy distribution, frequency fusion between natural smooth, No abrupt and burr.

2, sensitivity and impedance

Headset sensitivity is the headset input 1 mW (mW) power, the headset can sound the sound pressure level, sound pressure level unit is decibel (dB), the greater the sound pressure will be greater. Impedance refers to the obstruction that acts on alternating current. Sensitivity and impedance are to be seen together, simply to judge, that is, the higher the sensitivity, the greater the sound, and the smaller the impedance, the more easy to be driven headphones.

3, whether to listen to

Good headphones, because the sound is very real and natural, like our daily life to hear the voice of nature, people are not prone to fatigue. Here to determine whether there are many headphones headphones standards, such as distortion, high frequency boring, harsh, dizziness, etc. are not good performance.

4, the resolution is good

Said white point, headset resolution is the headset to restore the details of the ability of the sound. Good headphones, you can hear a lot of details of things, such as hand and strings of friction sound, voices of breathless breath, lips and teeth touch the sound and so on. It's like a singer singing in your ear with you.

5, the scene is good

As the name implies, you are wearing a headset after a feeling of visiting the scene. Good headphones, will let you forget the existence of earplugs, musical instruments and voices from different directions pass, a strong sense of the scene. On the contrary, if you always feel wearing their own headphones, that the sound is sent from the headset, then the headset on the general like.

6, headset material and shape

As the saying goes, "good horse with a good saddle", a good quality headphones in addition to the above factors, in fact, headphones and the shape of the shape of the headphones will have an impact on sound quality.

Currently on the market for headphones and more plastic materials and two kinds of materials. In general, the plastic shell headphones than the metal shell headphones much cheaper, but if the headset shell is made of all-metal cutting, the price is quite high.