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Earphone Type Gradually Rich
Jun 14, 2017

  Earphone type gradually rich

  As the use of headphones are different, the type of headphones are gradually enriched. The type of headphones can be divided into open, closed and semi-open.

  Open headphones generally feel natural, comfortable to wear, here is the comfort is not hot feeling, common in the home to enjoy the HIFI headphones. The sound can be leaked out, and vice versa can also hear the sound of the outside world, headphones on the oppression of the ear less.

  Semi-open headphones do not have strict rules, the sound can only enter or not only into, according to the needs of the use of the design to make adjustments.

  Enclosed headphones with a fully enclosed structure of the earmuffs, which can prevent the outside of the sound into the ears of a greater sense of oppression, sound positioning accurate and clear, professional monitoring area to use this structure. There are also some closed headphones with open headphones sound field, while in isolation while still maintaining a high quality sound.

  Headphones to the present, the most important pronunciation unit or moving coil unit. Moving headphones are the most common and most common headphones, and its drive unit is basically a small moving coil, driven by the diaphragm in the permanent magnetic field connected to the diaphragm vibration. Moving coil Earphone efficiency is relatively high, mostly for the audio on the headphone output drive, and reliable and durable.

  Moving Earphone technology in the development of so many years later, has been very mature, but also in the sound upgrade also encountered a bottleneck. In addition to electrostatic headphones, the dynamic ring pronunciation unit also has a lot of derivative technology, which is now the most widely used is the moving iron unit.