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Earphone Is The Person's Portable Sound
Nov 02, 2017

Earphoneare associated with large-size headphones, rather than earplugs. And these products, from any point of view to classify, they are attached to the headset class, whether it is strict product classification or customary classification, they are in line with everyone's headset concept. In the headset class, you can also break down into two kinds, that is, medium size and full size headphones.

Headphones are personal audio, its choice is naturally a personal problem, any one's experience can not be pushed and wide. The use of headphones, the use of headphones time and place, their own likes and dislikes, headphones are the choice of a sound quality for their own headset to consider.

Headphones are people's portable audio, and now more and more for the headset requirements, according to different occasions to choose the right headset has become a symbol of the trend of life. Mobile phone headset is divided into two standards: OMTP standard is usually called the national standard, CTIA is called international standards.

Headphones according to their conversion methods, mainly: moving the way, moving iron, electrostatic and other magnetic. From the structural function of the classification, can be divided into semi-open and closed. There are earbuds, ear-lugs, ear-style and head-on styles. From the number of people wearing a single headphones and multi-person headphones. From the sound source on the difference, can be divided into active headphones and passive headphones; active headphones are often referred to as card headphones.


1. Four-channel three-dimensional stereo headphones can produce home theater surround sound effects, eliminating the bulky loudspeakers.

2. Four-channel three-dimensional stereo headphones are worn on the head, the stereo effect is remarkable, and does not interfere with others resting.

3. Four-channel three-dimensional stereo headphones can replace single, dual channel headphones, and the effect is better.

4. Four-channel 3D stereo headphones can be developed in an independent market for four-channel 3D stereo recording and playback systems.

The main consumer groups of this product are: computer enthusiasts, especially those who are loyal to the three-dimensional game; movies, TV enthusiasts, especially those who are passionate about the story of the scene; music lovers, especially hot loyal to live concerts Of people.

Sound characteristics

1, the sound of pure, without any unpleasant "cries", "Weng", "coax" sound.

2, a sense of balance, the sound is never too bright or too dark, high-frequency low-frequency energy distribution evenly, the fusion between the natural smooth, no abrupt and burr

3, high frequency extension is good, delicate and supple.

4, low frequency dive deep, clean and full, full of flexibility and strength, without any fat, slow feeling.

5, the frequency is very small, transparent and warm, vivid and natural, there is thickness, magnetic, not exaggerated and nasal.

6, good resolution, rich details, small signal can also be a clear replay.

7, a good sound field characterization, sound field open, accurate and stable positioning of the instrument, the sound field has enough information, no empty feeling.

8, dynamic no obvious compression, with a good sense of speed, large volume without distortion or distortion is very small.