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Earphone How To Buy A Good One
Sep 29, 2017

Many novice friends think that the effect of different headphones is the same, or that the effect of headphones does not depend on the headset, but depends on the source device. In fact, this view is wrong, different headphones play the same digital device sound quality may be a big gap, of course, sound quality and digital equipment, then how to buy a good headset.

Consumers buy headphones will encounter some other problems. Rock, pop fit with what kind of headset? Parallel and international version of the headset low price, is worth buying? Do you want to use the phone or tablet computer to do the source, whether to promote the big headphones? On the headset, the general consumer for its understanding is not enough, the face of this or that problem, will inevitably produce confusion. The following will introduce you to the headset to buy skills, because the headset is not much involved, so the purchase skills is also very easy to grasp, the following describes some of my personal thinking that good to buy headset skills.

Election headphones is the most important thing to listen to, but not every product is suitable for you, such as some headset sales more, many users feel good sound quality, but you may not feel like after the purchase. In fact, the headset is important to their own feelings, just like listening to music, some like rock music, some people like pop music or DJ dance. This is also true for headphones. Different types of concerts have different headphones to match the other power of different digital products for the headset is not the same, this need to explore their own to understand; buy a lot of headphones are invariably choose to buy iron triangle brand headphones , Coupled with the recent iron triangle is also a new publication of an iron triangle CKM300 music weapon is to attract more headphones buyers twilight.

Buy headphones, be sure to clear their own requirements. First, the front of the different headphones play a decisive role, mobile phones, MP3 and other small thrust front end of the thrust is not large, more suitable for earplugs and portable headphones, and computer and desktop CD is a large thrust source, most Headphones are compatible, this time we can consider some full-cover headphones and high-impedance products. Everyone's listening style will be more or less different, some friends like to listen to the popular, three frequency clean and balanced can; some people like rock and roll, the requirements of the low frequency more. Each headset style is different, we should not use the price to measure.

Headphones to buy headset parameters can not be ignored

Headset parameters of the two parameters need to pay attention, one is the impedance, one is the sensitivity. Impedance is easier to understand. The higher the impedance, the harder it is to push, which requires large thrust front support. But the impedance can not stand alone, we often ignore the existence of another parameter sensitivity, if the reference sensitivity will find that the large impedance is difficult to push is not absolute, so the need to consider the integrated. Choose a high-impedance high-sensitivity headphones and a low-impedance low-sensitivity headphones, with the same small thrust front-end direct push, we found that high-impedance high sensitivity of the headset but relatively easy to sound. In the purchase of headphones, we may wish to look at the parameters of the headset, if the front thrust is not large, then buy impedance less than or equal to 32 ohms, sensitivity is greater than or equal to 100dB headphones is worth considering. For example, iron triangle CKM300 surface was polished, good texture. Headset with unilateral into the line design, the inner edge of the earmuffs design thicker pads, very soft, and has a good breathable, comfortable to wear. Length can be more substantial adjustment, suitable for different users. The microphone angle of the headset can also be adjusted in a wide range.

Sound quality, the overall performance of the headset sound low frequency, the overall sound warm, suitable for use in the film and the game, the other to enjoy the dance style of music is also more appropriate. Low-frequency sense of a more prominent, and have a certain potential dive. In the high-frequency aspects of low-frequency as prominent, the details of the performance of the sound slightly less. Voice chat can be a good voice to communicate, but also the control of the noise in place. In this regard, the iron triangle CKM300 to do the best, soft and flexible material, not only not easy to damage, do not wear "pressure ear" feeling. In listening to the overall sense of hearing is very soft, tri-band convergence is better, and evenly distributed. Low frequency performance is satisfactory, there is a good sense of quality, but slightly less than the texture; high frequency has a good analytical ability, voice performance is good, especially for the performance of female voice. High frequency details are good, the ductility is not enough.

Some tips for online shopping headphones

Many friends will be more obsessed with parallel headphones or foreign purchasing headphones, after all, domestic licensed to have an agent, the price will increase a lot. However, the network to buy parallel headphones really "water deep", on the one hand, parallel imports are usually not dealers or agents warranty, if only broken or expensive to spend money on maintenance. At the same time the parallel imports are inevitably mixed with fake, they tend to "European version" or "international board" appears, the price is often only a fraction of licensed, of course, the sound can not be compared with genuine. Many people will buy the net to buy headphones, in the online shopping, need to pay attention to the following: on the one hand, do not be obsessed with a penalty 10, high credit such a guise, and do not pursue too much low, when the online shopping products than the market price is low More than one fifth, we need to be alert to this product is not fake. On the other hand, we may wish to Taobao Want, QQ and other communications software and shopkeepers to contact him to consult the purchase of headphones, if the answer to patience, to provide information rich and accurate, such a shop or worthy of choice. And if the purchase of licensed, we may wish to look at the product on the dealer's sound quality of the anti-counterfeit labels to ensure that legitimate rights and interests will not be infringed. Of course, many people will buy through the online purchase of iron triangle CKM300, released in 2012,headphones surface polished, quite texture, the overall look calm and the atmosphere. Headphones head beam flat, flexible very good. Around the telescopic part of the material and the head beam part is the same, are more rigid plastic material. Earmuffs with flannel, including the design of the corpus, soft touch, wearing a very comfortable.