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Earphone Has Become A Symbol Of The Trend Of Life
Sep 13, 2017

The headset is a pair of conversion units that accept the Telegraph number issued by the media player or receiver and convert it to audible sound waves using a loudspeaker close to the ear. Headphones are generally separable from media players and are connected by a plug. The advantage is to listen to the stereo alone without affecting others, or to separate the sound of the surroundings and to help people who use it in noisy environments such as recording studios, DJs, journeys, and sports. Headphones are used for telephones and radios, but with the prevalence of portable electronic devices, headphones are used for mobile phones, Walkman and radios. Portable video game and digital audio player and so on. From the development of the entire audio industry, wireless headset is still a new thing, the development time is not long, is still in the rising period, the user needs to continue to improve, users of the wireless headset expectations are also improving, this is the industry put forward a fresh test.

Headphones are people's portable sound, now more and more requirements for the headset differentiation, according to different occasions to choose the right headset has become a symbol of the trend of life. The handset earphone is divided into two kinds of standard: The OMTP standard is commonly called the GB, CTIA is called the International standard.

Headphones according to their way of classification, mainly include: Dynamic circle mode, moving iron mode, electrostatic and other magnetic type. It can be divided into half open and closed form by classifying the function of structure. From the wearing form of the classification has ear-plugs, hanging ears, in-ear and head-wear type. A single headset and a multiplayer headset are categorized from the number of people wearing them. From the sound source, can be divided into active headphones and passive headphones, active headphones are often called card headphones.

Style classification

The headset is classified according to the type of actuator (transducer) and how it is worn.

Moving ring Type

The ring-type headset is the most common and most common headset, and its drive unit is basically a small ring speaker, driven by a sound coil in a permanent magnetic field that is connected to the vibrating film. The efficiency of the ring-type headset is high, most of which can be driven by the headphone output on the stereo and reliable and durable. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the drive unit, the better the performance of headphones, the current in the consumer-level headphones drive unit of the largest diameter of 50mm, generally the flagship ear-type headset.

Magnetic type

The driver of a magnetic headset is similar to a reduced flat-panel speaker, which embeds a flat sound coil into a thin vibrating film, which, like a printed circuit board, can distribute the driving force evenly. The magnets are concentrated on one side or both sides of the vibrating film (push-pull type), and the vibrating film vibrates in the magnetic field in which it is formed. such as the magnet earphone vibration film is not static earphone vibrating film as light, but have the same large vibration area and similar sound quality, it is not as efficient as the ring-like headphones, not easy to drive.

Electrostatic type

Electrostatic headphones have a light and thin diaphragm, from high DC voltage polarization, polarization of the electricity required by alternating current conversion, but also battery-powered. The vibrating film is suspended in a static electric field formed by a fixed metal plate (stator) of two pieces, electrostatic headphones must use a special amplifier to convert the audio signal to hundreds of volts of the voltage signal, drive, can reach the sound pressure level does not have a ring-type headset large, but it is fast, can replay a variety of small details, the distortion is very low.


Electret headset is also called fixed-type electrostatic earphone, its vibrating film itself is polarized or by the vibrating film outside the polarized material emitted by the electrostatic field polarization, do not need specialized equipment to provide polarization voltage. Electret headset has most of the characteristics of electrostatic headphones, but the experience is gradually polarized, needs to be replaced, its life of about 5-10 years.

Wireless Cordless

They consist of two parts, a signal transmitter and a headset with a signal receiving and amplifying device (usually a ring-like). The transmitter is connected to the signal source and can be plugged into the front or headphone amplifier before the transmitter to improve the sound quality and adjust the timbre.

Wireless headphones are generally referred to as infrared transmission signal of the headset system, the cordless headset refers to the use of radio waves to transmit signals of the headset system. Infrared headset operating frequency from a few khz to a few MHz, the effective distance of about 10 meters, headphones to be in the visual range; Radio headphones operate at VHF 130mhz-200 MHz, UHF $number Mhz-900mhz, most cordless headsets work in UHF, with a transmission range of 100 meters, can bypass obstacles. Two or more pairs of wireless/cordless headphones may interfere with each other, so it's best to choose a variety of working frequencies when choosing them, and for cordless headphones, working in UHF is less likely to interfere with VHF. Both headphones have background noise, and higher-grade models use a technology that reduces noise. Also note that the use of wireless/cordless headset battery time, generally should not be less than 8 hours.

Today's more advanced wireless headset with APTX Technology Bluetooth 3.0 transmission, Bluetooth can provide advanced, CD-like quality audio.