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Choose Earphone, Listening Health Is The Most Important
Jul 11, 2017

  Choose Earphone, listening health is the most important

  The portability of the headset to become a public like to go out one of the essentials, the streets, everywhere wearing Earphone. In fact, in the enjoyment of music together, the headset is also simple to the formation of human hearing damage! In the outdoor listening to music, because the outside noise is relatively large, songs easily disturbed, many people like to adjust the volume, The use of Earphone volume is too large, too long, are simple to have an impact on hearing, especially children, more simple damage to the health of the ear. Earphone Therefore, to buy Earphone should be the first to listen to health, select the sound effects better, wear more comfortable, in listening to music, the best volume can be below 60 dB, the maximum does not exceed 80 dB, each time the best use of Earphone do not Over an hour.

  Listen to tired time to let the ears break a break, Earphone a good maintenance of the ears, even in the past few decades, our hearing is still healthy.