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China Headphone Market Trends Research Report
Oct 14, 2016

Use of headphones and sound different, headphones of portable performance is far better than audio. Headphones tend to personal use, confidentiality is even better. Headphones up to affect only their own. Stereo, it is easy to get, and even lead to conflict. From this point of view, the trend better than the sound of the headset, and more for today's urban life. Now even and they have many bar audio equipment has been removed, changed it to wear headphones. The headset is called the "silent disco headphone", who carry the headset in the bar, heard the music is synchronized, and the effect is very good, more likely to indulge indulge in music.

Portable headphones are becoming the people's music partner, accompanied by people, is playing an increasingly important role. Portable headphone is a relatively wide range of titles. Because of the demands of portable headphones are not the same, as is the sound quality requirements. But overall there are: total light, easy to drive, wear and stability also requires some decorative features. But after years of improvement, includes not only the in-ear portable headphones headphones headphones these small headphones and earplugs. Headphones can be retractable, folding, you can become very small, very portable, and even weight can become very light. This greatly enriches the range of people's choices.

At present, the earphone industry in China has developed rapidly, and headphone output is already in the world. The large scale, the type, manufacturing system integrity, export and so on. But overall, earphone industry in China is still in its infancy, headphone factory manufacturing experience and understanding of the music still has a long way to go. Needs by constantly improving our technologies to improve processes to gain more market share.
Headset industry today is toward the direction of wireless headphones and noise-reducing headphones. Wireless headphones work with more freedom, with the development of technology. Wireless technology is more mature. The popularity of mobile music, as well as the emergence of the Bluetooth wireless technology. Promote the development of high-speed wireless headphones.
Urban noise pollution, at a noisy outdoor use ordinary headphones, can only increase the volume of headphones to drown the noise. Not only fail to experience the joy of music, but is detrimental to our hearing. And there is a growing attention to health realities are contradictory, so noise-canceling headphones breeds were born. Active noise reduction headsets have a noise reduction device, Denoiser uses Mac gathering outside voices and issues instead of sound waves to offset the effect of noise. Noise cancelling headphones better outdoors to enjoy music, but also keep the ears healthy, is the future direction of the headset.