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Car Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Is Also A Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Jun 28, 2017

  Car wireless Bluetooth Earphone is also a wireless Bluetooth Earphone, Bluetooth technology in the car Bluetooth technology from the phone's Bluetooth technology continues down, with the same launch system.

  And other Bluetooth technology, car Bluetooth is also an extension of wireless Bluetooth technology, is based on wireless Bluetooth technology, specifically designed for automotive research and development of the car wireless hands-free system. Its main function is to open the Bluetooth technology and mobile phone connection, in normal driving can be hands-free calls to ensure that calls do not leak, and can liberate his hands, so that both hands dedicated to driving the steering wheel, thereby reducing the security risks for the purpose.

  Car Bluetooth system is designed for owner-friendly hands-free calls, with automatic identification of mobile phone features, no cable or telephone tray can be connected with the phone; owners can not touch the phone, or even keep the hands on the steering wheel, are Can control the phone, with voice commands to control the answer or call. The user can talk through the car's sound.

  Driving the use of car Bluetooth to facilitate the driver to answer the phone without having to wear headphones, and the use of the latest noise reduction technology to reduce the interference of other sounds, showing a strong technical charm.

  If the car Bluetooth technology and a few cars are supporting the sound, when used, there are Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and car audio with together to facilitate the owners when the call, you can automatically switch the sound of sound, mute, hang up the phone When the sound is automatically restored.

  After installing the car Bluetooth system, the owner does not need to distract the car while answering the phone. When answering a call, the user simply answers the phone by pressing a key or by voice control, which improves the safety and convenience of driving.

  Most of the car Bluetooth system supports teleconferencing, MP3 playback and other functions, simple operation, which can connect multiple calls, greatly improving the traffic safety.