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Bluetooth Selfie Stick Easy To Complete Self-portrait
Sep 13, 2017

Maybe it sounds ridiculous, and some countries and regions have banned it in public, but it's not a good thing to deny it's really convenient at some point. When smartphones are popular today, not everyone will carry digital cameras and tripods, such as we want to take a photo at a party, put the phone on a self-portrait stick, and use a front-end camera to do it easily.

Of course, not all the self-portraits have a good experience. Their prices are basically from 30 yuan to 200 yuan, the function is not the same, some models provide Bluetooth connection, so you can use the shutter on the camera to achieve the shot. In addition, there are models that provide a mirror, meaning that it allows users to use a better post shot. So, what do you need to pay attention to buying a self-portrait stick?

First, the Bluetooth version can be considered, but it also needs to weigh the battery life of the handset. Because the handset has no electricity, simultaneously the self-made rod and cannot fix the mobile power supply, therefore came up with the elastic band fixed solution. In fact, some of the use of a cable-connected shutter is more worth considering in frequent usage, after all, it does not consume the power of the handset.

In addition, there are some optional tips can be consulted:

1. As far as possible to choose a solid style of work, but also pay attention to their weight, not too light and not too heavy, to be able to ensure that mobile phone stability is good

2. Make sure that the back clamp of the self-employed stick has a wider compatibility so that it does not have to be used because of the replacement of the handset.