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Bluetooth Radiation Much? Do Great Harm To The Body?
Oct 14, 2016

Bluetooth headset with plenty of fashion sense. No long cord, no more cut, cut, more mess of tangled. And to some extent, mobile phones can also be a simple operation. On one, the next song, pause, answering phone calls and so on. By the fashion group, business group, and driving a family favorite. Price range of Bluetooth, up to dozens of Yuan, up to thousands of high, starting with Bluetooth headset the threshold is not high. Using a Bluetooth headset as mobile phone headsets, computer headsets, more and more people.

Now the health value, for buying goods are increasingly high requirements, required not only high quality and practical, but also to environmental health. Discussion about Bluetooth headsets and more, Bluetooth radiation much? Bluetooth headset how to use it? Bluetooth headset is bad for you? For a while. Small series to solve their doubts.
Although we are in the era of information explosion, all kinds of advertising, information, full of life. Whether it is a phone, computer or roadside posters and are constantly updated. But a person's energy ultimately limited, access to information is limited. Early radiation authorities Bluetooth headset has been tested.

Carried out by teams of experts such as the World Health Organization, IEEE test detected Bluetooth products found in the radiated output power of only 1 MW, is the microwave power of one out of 10,000, is a mobile phone (cell phone) for 1 per thousand, and these outputs are only a small portion is absorbed by the human body.
In other words, Bluetooth radiation is quite small, almost negligible. Directly from the phone calls and the use of traditional wired headphones, Bluetooth headsets are green and safe. Even small children and pregnant women can rest assured that use. However, although radiation can be ignored, but still needs to headset when using long, pay attention to protect their hearing.