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A Brief Introduction To Wireless And Cordless Earphone
Jul 24, 2017

  A brief introduction to wireless and cordless Earphone

  With the development of society, Earphone in the daily life of the application is more and more widely, the variety of Earphone are also varied. At present, the most widely used wireless headset, then Xiaobian to briefly introduce what is wireless and cordless Earphone.

  Wireless and cordless Earphone are usually composed of two parts, with a signal receiving and amplifying device Earphone (usually moving coil) and signal transmitter, the transmitter is connected with the signal source, but also in the transmitter before Into the headphone amplifier to improve the sound quality of the headset and adjust the sound.

  A cordless headset usually refers to a headset system that uses radio waves to transmit signals. Wireless headset usually refers to the infrared transmission of the signal headset system. The radio Earphone operate at VHF 130MHz-200 MHz and UHF 450 MHz-900MHz, so most cordless headsets can work up to 100 meters and can bypass obstacles. The infrared earphone operating frequency can only be a few KHz to several MHz, the effective distance of about 10 meters, the headset must be within the visible range, can not bypass the obstacles. Usually two or more wireless / cordless Earphone together may interfere with each other, it is best to choose the frequency of work is not the same species, in addition, for the cordless Earphone, VHF work in the UHF than the interference may be much larger. Usually these two Earphone will produce background noise, but the more high-end models are used noise reduction technology. There is also the use of wireless / cordless headset battery is usually not less than 8 hours.