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What you wear headphones tips
Oct 14, 2016

What you wear headphones tips
Best impedance should be higher, and high sensitivity. Impedance high draw an audio source (such as Walkman) less current, not only saving sources of battery consumption, but also to reduce distortion. Meanwhile high sensitivity you fill a loss of volume due to high impedance.

Now Walkman annotations matching impedance: 16 ohms, some users believe that manufacturers mark only matching 16 ohm earphones, limits the range of users to choose headphones, it is completely unnecessary, as long as the high sensitivity high impedance headphones can be, not only harmless but also is beneficial.

In General, impact headphones are easy to drive, there are two factors, the first is the sensitivity, and the second is the impedance. Low impedance, high sensitivity, and just as hard to drive. Tell us some basic common sense when poor headset sensitivity at 3 dB, driven poor power 1 time.

Sensitivity is the primary factor determining headphones are easy to drive, the impedance is a secondary factor. To determine whether headphones are easy to drive, the first sensitivity, the second reference impedance.