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Three factors affecting hearing music quality
Oct 14, 2016

Three factors influencing quality of hear music: front end audio, headphones
The so-called front-end, is an audio player (including combinations of amp, computer, of course), small consumer-grade MP3 phone, large professional-grade digital recorder or HIFI equipment and so on, are all kinds of front-end, quality of decoder chips, on the front of the line transmission efficiency, tuning and power affect the final sound quality!
Sound source, is a music file, such as MP3,wma,ogg, which are harmful, non-destructive, such as APE,FLAC,WAV and so on. Audio source directly determine the quality of sound, non-destructive will of course is not necessarily good, according to catch the difference between rails and coding, compression, non-destructive and even some good as detrimental effects!
Here must be mentioned a concept: ear resolution. Ears to sounds of man and man's ability to distinguish a difference between people who can tell the difference between high quality and low quality sound, while others cannot, therefore, if you don't know the gap between 320K and 128K--with all due respect, you can rest, do not go to regardless of cost about HIFI, meaningless!
Anyway with a headset to hear the same music, different people feel may not be the same! We do the headset speaker is the same way, many customers are said to play at first several results try a lot of times a lot of samples are less than ideal results. Mostly and front end audio source resolving power and our ears have a great relationship.
When is bring your own headphones and a full range of tuning accessories to our Engineering Department customers to tune once they reached satisfactory results. The reason is simple, as is the live debugging we use the front face to face the sound source is uniform, as long as you bring a headset accessory come packed our headphones speakers you hear what are the lack of live on site to our engineer can immediately help you tune generally takes two or three hours you will get the satisfaction of product. So we strongly recommend our customers to tune in our Engineering Department, so you can easily get the sound you want. Save the time and cost efficiency of repeated proof!

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