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Self portrait using techniques
Oct 14, 2016

From self portrait of "hardware", most self stretching the range between 24~94 cm, 65~135 cm size, the length of the selection according to the different needs determine, but if you want a portable, storage of about 24 cm in length fitting easily into a backpack.

Effective range is generally about 10 meters Bluetooth connection, if you want to get a "wide angle" effect, you can select the self-timer can stretch to 135 cm. In addition, the front end of the camera phone clips for supporting large rotation angle is also important, self timer set the angle of rotation is 360 degrees, and some stereo up to 720 degrees rotation.

In General, self weight between 88~160g, bearing the 500g, but choose to pay attention to how its locking function to ensure that mobile phones or other electronic devices in use does not appear in the slide, swing, and so on, otherwise, not only do not get good results, is more likely to cause damage to the PC. Self portrait shooting button location to design reasonable, within the Thumb control and comfort, only for the best. Self portrait shooting button hard to the touch, feel sick for a long time.

In addition, from a material point of view, ordinary self portrait using stainless steel, high carbon fiber is used, this material is light, good shock absorption, more suited for self-portraits, but costs will also increase, reflected in terms of price.

Worth noting is that self portrait may occur when using "hand shake", longer pole is much, plus mobile phone image stabilization are not good enough. In fact, United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the import and use of radio frequency devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio receiving and transmitting equipment, radio-controlled toys, phones, personal computers and other products with FCC standards could harm security, thanks to the Bluetooth, camera sales in the us have to meet FCC technical standards.