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Self-a brief introduction
Oct 14, 2016

Self portrait is being more and more sought after. However, reliable camera products will not be easy, after all, is relatively new in this area. How to choose the right camera?
And classification
We mentioned earlier the self timer bar is divided into two main types: installing a Bluetooth button on a camera, the other is the independent distribution of a Bluetooth remote control. Keys installed on the camera, it is very convenient and can be completed with one hand camera movements. Recommends that novices Select Bluetooth remote control buttons installed on the camera, but this camera has a very significant drawback, shutter self-timer when the rod with the thumb pressing power and jitter, jitter photos can't shoot very well.
 In addition, there is now a new self-timer lever, is self bar strip line, this line directly into the phone's headset jack on directly will be able to take pictures, the effect is very good; unlike traditional camera that is not convenient, without charge, Plug and play.

Second, materials
Material Shang,, has plastic of self-timer rod, this products of features is not by environment temperature changes and changes size, holds hanging sense better, but shortcomings is cost relative compared high, not too environmental; addition a is now common of aluminum of, this products weight very light, steel sex good, can smooth using various size of phone and same, using degree is wide; recommends everyone purchase Hou a of.
In addition, a few are known as carbon fiber, carbon fiber is actually a stunt for the time being, little practical significance for the self-timer. Whichever is chosen work solid style, and to pay attention to their weight, not too light or too heavy to be able to ensure a stable phone is better.

Third, compatibility
Ensure that clip the back of camera has broad compatibility, so you won't have to replace the phone cannot be used. There are also camera compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, but can only use one OS, if you want the camera can apply more 3C devices, the choice must take note of this point.

SI, length
Now the self-timer lever length 20 cm to 120 cm in length, according to Korea, a survey showed, after elongation is the most popular camera length does not exceed 95cm, best suited for 3 people at the same time length of the self-timer is about 87cm.
Self portrait artifact appears in line with the current smart phone cameras-development and people's preference for mobile phone camera, meeting about self portrait (Group) needs if you like self, the self portrait artifact is a good choice.
Self portrait real significance is that it help us out of the picture. It allows us to shoot real life from a new angle, sometimes silly, but sometimes it would be full of surprises. Try to choose a better camera, and so will not have a few embarrassing things happen.