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Laptop no sound, plug in headphones have sound, what should I do?
Oct 14, 2016

I believe many friends have experienced laptop suddenly has no sound, plug in a headset can hear sounds. For a friend who kind of computer technology will reinstall the system, reinstall the drive, remove the driver and reload, that sort of approach. Can't promise to handle, it is possible. Don't understand anything, you can only ask people. Today small series to introduce some practical methods. 

1, check the sound card, cables, speakers and other devices are connected properly; running antivirus antivirus software; 

2, right-click on "my computer"----"property"---"hardware"----"Device Manager" to open the "sound, video and game controllers" there is no problem, that does not appear in front of the yellow "bang" If Yes, reinstall the drivers for this device are correct; 

3, when there is sound but not trumpet, open the control panel--------the volume of sound and video equipment in the "place volume icon in the taskbar" put a check mark before; 

4, when no voice or trumpet, open Add and Remove Programs Control Panel--------Add/Remove Windows components "accessories and tools" before the check mark, click on the "next", and then, shutdown, restart, the system prompts you to install new hardware, follow the prompts to install; 

5, double-click the small speaker – Options – Properties – "microphone" adjust on the front hook 

6, uninstall sound card driver audio driver installation or upgrade again; 

7, occurs when the installed sound card driver "AC could not find wafers" suggests that there may be computers, or due to illegal actions deleted the sound card driver or internal conflict solution is to reinstall the system software and drivers 

8, simply ignore, wait for some time before reboot after shutdown, and sometimes voice the problem will sort itself out may you can try 

9, start-Control Panel-sounds and audio devices-voice, to see if transferred into a silent, and then select Windows default 

10, click Start-Run, type regedit, hit enter this open registry, a few HKEY-CURRENT-USER, then click on the ControlPanel, and then hit its next Beep Sound will restart its value from No to Yes, sound is heard returning to the switch 

11, and put original of account delete has, created a new of account, such switch machine on has voice has, may is user configuration file errors caused of problem, can first opened guest user guest, heavy up try Xia have switch machine voice, if some words on can with above of method has, first to created a administrator account, then on click you this problem of account, then by with tips on can delete has, in delete of process in the it also will tips whether to retained original account of file, Delete best time to backup the Favorites, and install software to create folders in the start menu, and when you're done you can copy them over the past.