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Headset how to test?
Oct 14, 2016

1, looking for a good audio source
In General, most of the business when you buy the headphones will provide some of the music you listen to. Part dealer also copied various types of music files to the player for you, but also has some businesses to play music audition. This time, it is best to bring their own sound and music. A choice of familiar music, in different headphones, listen to and feel the effect, then merchants, try the effect of listening to headphones, in order to really test the quality of the headset.

2, the sound is clear
So-called sound clear and refers to uncomfortable voice in the ear there. For example, "SI", "OM", "Chase" sounds, if such sound description headphones are faulty.

3, testing headphones are distorted
The headphones sound tuning to the largest, listen carefully, whether the sound is not harmonious, whether there is a strange sound appeared. If so, headphones and some distortion.

4, testing headphones playing is a natural transition
Some earphones play music play occurs when natural, jump condition may occur when playing music, which is a song, not naturally play continuously. When we are listening to, be sure to pay attention to this point.

5, listen to three audio
Three sound is treble, midrange and bass, in fact, one aspect of which is the most important test the headphones. For music playback, mainly supported by these three audio. If the headset correctly, treble should be soft and delicate; tenor should feel warm, natural, if it is a girl, should be loud and clear; the bass dive deeper and deeper, the better, but also to clear.

6, testing headphones
Resolution test headphones cannot express, in fact, testing whether the resolution is mainly to listen to the details rich. For example some music itself has multiple background music inside, good music headphones can be expressed when some good headphones to play, could not hear these sounds may also be good enough.

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