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Headset cleaning
Oct 14, 2016

How many people will clean your headset? Probably not many, have seen a lot of friends, not cleaned up since the headphones to buy back. Do not clean the headset for a long time, not only in appearance, and breeds many bacteria. When the body's immune system decline, these bacteria can enter. Maybe a lot of my friends don't want to clean the headphones, may feel that this is an electronic product, do not facilitate cleaning and don't know where to start. Very simply, headphones are not as vulnerable. And headphones is now waterproof.
The tools we need to prepare: towels, toothpaste. Yes, it's as simple as that. Every equipment.
The first step, with a wet towel, gently wipe the earphones and headphones. Wipe the sweat like this normally.
Earphone clean
The second step, especially dirty apply some toothpaste, and spread.
The third, again with a wet towel to wipe clean. Place the headset in a ventilated place, dry well. You will find the headphone cable brand new.
Headset line cleaning
Note: high-end headphones is not suitable for this method, do not use toothpaste to clean particularly frequent, headphone wire will have a loss.