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Headphone cable fault reason
Oct 14, 2016

Headphones-owning friends are more and more, some people treasure very much their own headphones, it might be careless or simply do not care, so the headphones killer. Accidentally pulled out or hung for a moment, a headset could have been reimbursed. Headphone cable is broken, or no sound, I believe that most people are not going to repair, a little disappointed, you may be a little distressed. But only reluctantly chose to buy a new pair of headphones. So why do some headphone cable so easily broken? Small series give you an introduction.

Headphone wire usually include: Kevlar, enameled copper wire, insulated layer in three parts.
1. Kevlar (KEVLAR) in the 60 's by the United States du Pont invention, is the United States du Pont registered trademark. Kevlar is important to protect our headphone line material, with high strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance. 

Careful friends may find, yellow when cables broken fiber, the fiber is Kevlar if not found, then it might just be the business of cut corners, especially those cheap earphones are basically not jiakaifu fibre, this headset no sound a few months. Even with Kevlar, domestic and imported, are not allowed to say more, you know. Simply put: Jerry-building or shoddy, this is one of the cables break easily.

2. the enamelled copper wire, bare copper wire coated thin paint (insulated) copper wire, major widely used in motors, household appliances and industrial areas, should also be used in headphones, currently on the market in addition to high-end headphones and fans beyond the pursuit of silver-coated copper wire, all with enamelled copper wire.
 Each root diameter enamelled copper wire is 0.05mm, but each headphone manufacturers used is not the same as the number of cores, less a few core (poor), not more than 30 core, commonly used by around 20 core. More cores, cables service life will grow. Conversely, the shorter. This is the second reason.

3. headphone cable external insulation typically referred to as skins, PVC, TPE, etc. PVC is widely used in low-end headphones products without environmental protection, TPE in the most common, it has high elasticity and softness. When our headphone jacket made of TPE material problems are easy to get dirty, yellowing, easily break, wound, adhesive and other problems. On one side is vulnerable to protection, side protection and easy dirty. We need balance, tend to side prone to problems, only the balance may solve the problem.

Last is the headset used to friends. Wrong way to tangled lines, such as fish bones tangled lines, appears to have a structured, love admitted, in fact, is detrimental to the headphones. Then there is the "strong forces pulling phenomenon", for example, wear headphones on your head, suddenly stood up, and so on. Outside look good, headphone wires of copper core has been broken.