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Bluetooth headset how to charge
Oct 14, 2016

New Bluetooth headset charging charging how long? Many headsets factory, was not charged. In order to fully activate the battery, Bluetooth headset charger 6-8 charging hours three times before, almost every time 2-3 hours. Bluetooth headset when charging is generally bright red led, after a full red light goes off (can also be bright blue or green. Read the instructions)
Bluetooth headset how to charge it?
1. choose the right Bluetooth headset Chargers. Bought a new Bluetooth headset with a good dedicated charger, if the charger is damaged or lost, you can also find the same interface of the same rated power output of the charger. General round Kong Xikou and Mini USB charging port interface.
Bluetooth headset plug miniUSB interface
2. when charging, plug it all in, you cannot plug only half. Damaged Bluetooth headset. And need to pinch the plug when plugged, lighter pull to avoid loose plugs, leads to contacts don't work.
3. Bluetooth headset is fully charged, unplug the power. Although now most Bluetooth headsets have the protection circuit to prevent overcharging, be careful is always good.
4. use the charger or charger to charge Bluetooth headset such as the treasure will slow down a little bit. To be safe, try not to use the Bluetooth headset when charging, when charging the truth and do not use mobile phones.